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Luv Crib Lower Track 1/2 inch wide

Luv Crib Lower Track 1/2 inch wide

Price: $ 40.00

Crib lower plastic track 21-104. Bottom guides of the crib drop-side slide on the lower tracks and are stopped by the tracks bottom extension (or tooth). Bottom tracks are screwed into the crib headboard and footboard on left and right side.

Part Number: 21-104

Part Number Substitutes:

Model Number:

Web Id:S6302465

Manufacturer: Luv

Brands: Luv, etc.

Specifications: Length 8 5/8" x Width 5/8" x Height 5/16". Track width for giudes 1/2". 3/8" deep. Bottom tooth is 1/2" high..

Color: Chocolate

Condition: Used

Luv Crib Lower Track 1/2 inch wide

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