Toddler Red Wood Rocking Chair

Toddler Red Wood Rocking Chair

Price: $ 25.00

Handmade red rocking chair with armrests. Solid wood rocking chair for a boy or girl. Perfect Christmas accent or everyday seating furniture piece. Sturdy. 2 slats on the back rest and 7 slats seat. Also available in natural wood finish upon email request.

Part Number: kids_red_rocker

Part Number Substitutes:

Model Number: KIDSROCKER24

Web Id:redRocker

Manufacturer: Kids Furniture LLC

Brands: Kids Furniture

Specifications: Length 20" x Width 14" x Height 24". Seat height is 10 inches from the ground. Seat 10" wide x 12" deep. Back rest is 14" high.. Kids

Color: Red

Condition: Used

Toddler Red Wood Rocking Chair

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